Thwarting Effect Open Shoes Have on Feet

That moment one wishes to relax his feet can only be when open shoes are worn. They not only relax but also bring about class of fashion to most designers.

relaxing shoes

Open shoes are good for weekends and those days one wishes to relax like on holiday or time out with family and friends. Open shoes are medically advised by doctors especially on people with feet related complications.

Comfortable girl wear

Open shoes management applies to both men and women boys and girls. Elderly people are especially advised by doctors to wear them for the management of their swelling feet occasioned by lack of blood flow in the body.

The swelling by old people is as a result of body organs weakening due to age and the complications that emanates with age. This is a common trend with all races across the globe.

open shoes kids

Open shoes relieves the space between toes and fresh air circulates around. This makes the wearer to be very comfortable after especially having worn the closed shoes for quite some days or time.

Open shoes for children are very cool as their toes too need to relax. This makes them to feel free especially for the school going kids. Mostly they wear the open shoes on weekends.

weekend wear

Women have an upper advantage in their wear of open shoes. They can have them even when on official functions unlike men who on most instances must wear closed shoes when on official functions or mostly week days activities.

The best worn open shoes are leather ones. They well absorb the sweat from the feet unlike other materials that are non leather like lexine.

relaxing sandals. This variance as well dictates the level of comfort-ability by the wear.


Leather and non leather open shoes apply to both men and women. Both can have rubber soles or soft plastic soles.

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