The Captivating Role Of Maid of Honor Demystified In The Wedding Process

Wedding preparations have a number of roles and maid of honor are not exempted. They are more silent in appearance but they share a bigger responsibility in pre and post wedding process.

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They carry a bigger share of work in not only the physical responsibility awarded to them, but also a lot of psychological preparation of the new family that is to be solemnized on the wedding day.

They are seen as the second parents to the couples as they have a lot they share with the bride and the groom at a personal level. The same cannot be shared with their biological parents in a clearer way than they can with the best couple.

It’s for this reason that the role of maid of honor is demystified in a detailed way to make it understandable on their role in the wedding process. This makes it easier for those intending to have a wedding to closely work with them and realize their potential in the management and outcome of the whole wedding as a process not as mostly viewed as an event.

Second parent’s role;

The role of the maid of honor is as important as that of the biological parents. They have a lot of intimacy talks that they share with the groom and the bride before and after the wedding. The same may not be share with the biological parents varying from one culture to another.

The maid of honor have long been known to hold more secrets for the newly wedds and if the groom goes by their advice that marriage has a lot of high chances of surviving as compared to many marriage institutions that are falling apart day by day all around the globe.

The age of the best couple is highly advised that they be of considerable much older age than the new couple. This allows them to play the parents role as compared to those best couples that share age bracket with the couples to be.

However most newly wedds today prefer to be bested by people of their same age. In a dramatic change of situations they also play their role in a more mature way considering that they all wish to have a prosperous marriage institution.

The maid of honor are also very common in some counselling sessions that the newly wedds may attend. This may be carried out at the presiding pastor’s office or other professionals’ office who advice and counsel on weddings and marriage related issues.

The role of maid of honor is not for the faint hearted ones. It’s a calling in realization that family is the back bone of a nation. Without stable families our society weakens.

Such maids of honor sacrifice most of their productive times to be with the groom and the bride in order to take them through the all-important sessions required in order to have a successful and fruitful wedding and marriage institution.

Best friends for life;

The relationship between the two has very important significance in the friendship that arises thereafter. This becomes a lifelong commitment as both families will always be in touch not only in the management of the new family but as a result of frequent acquaintance’s, human nature is about relationships and therefore lifetime friendship becomes a reality.

This results in sometimes both families sharing many things such celebrating anniversaries together, celebrating birthdays’ together, and many more occasions. This makes both families extend their friendships to their siblings who later have their friendships grow in rips and bounds.

The children of both families and in most cases if the main families are not related by blood may generate relationships that too may lead to solemnization of a wedding later in their mature life.

This kind of friendship again generates other newer families and so they become friends for life. This is one reason why weddings are special and they are a source of much more happiness even to children of both families.

Maid of honor duty post wedding;

Wedding is always seen as an event by many. To most who are involved in the culmination of a wedding they still continue with other duties and responsibilities of the ceremony 

The maid of honor are no exception. They remain part of the growth of the new institution and like any other project that has time limits, they are bound to be part of the new family for the longest.

The wedding process is a continuous one that the best couples are always seen in the journey of the new family. This is why this role is seen as a calling other than any other obligation and or duty.

Depending on various faiths, some maids of honor are given a questionnaire to reflect on their observations on the new family and as well report back to the presiding minister. The same results are used to evaluate the growth of such a young family and the minister is able to hold his or her post marriage counselling relating to the observations by the best couple.

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Maid of honor’s relationship with the parents’ of bride and groom;

The role of the maid of honor is enormous as too it stretches to the concerned biological parents of the couples. This is a significant role as their observations and the same reporting can help in the conflict management of the new family.

When crises strikes a new family the maid of honor are not only the intermediaries but too are an important avenue in helping biological parents understand well the underlying problems in the new family. This one role that can only be played them as it’s understood of their closeness to the new family.

In conclusion, it is now understandable and well within the public domain that the best couples all over have a very big role to play in the success of new marriages. They are an important pillar in the society.

The role of the maid of honor comes out as a calling and even great sacrifices they undertake to see the success of an institution well growing on their watch. This is one of the many wedding process successes.

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