Contraversial Super Bowl 2017 Hits All Time High

This is US most admired sport and everyone is asking when is the super bowl 2017 coming. The super bowl carries the US culture and has been here for the longest. Its as old as the American history. Super bowl game in NFL is popular like presidents executive order. NFL’s big assignments are about to start and they cant afford to disappoint.

NFL's league shoes

The other big time questions is on Super bowl locations around the United States. The game is expected to kick of in Houston and the league games expected to spread across the nation.

Shoe of the season

As Falcons and Patriots are set for Super bowl showdown this will ultimately be a showstopper. Super bowl history comes to life as many continue to ask what day is the super bowl.
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Big game Big shoes for the season;

¬†Adidas with a wealth of sports shoes experience have not been left out. They are present in the super bowl. Adidas shoes have over time been known for their durability and are able to resist the games pressure. This is NFL’s best cleats.

super bowl pressure

Lady Gaga at super bowl;

She brought life to the Super Bowl 2017. This was the most stunning moment of the game moments before kickoff- what a moment. Lady Gaga dancing style is one unique and of a kind. Lady Gaga dancing team never disappoints.

Lady Gaga moments

New England Win;

This was the most hilarious super bowl. Guest included former president George Bush 1. To everyone’s surprise New England brought the American spirit back.

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