Spring Officially Starts With Celebrity Trending Sneakers

New York is at it again. World renown celebrity are marching into summer that officially starts on Sunday.

The same is being experienced all across the United States. Luckily sneakers are trending like hot air as they are too providing inspiration to the populace.

The queen of sneakers is arguably none other but Gigi Hadid. The outlay is one of its kind and its hitting the airwaves all over not forgetting the other part of the world.

World's renown celebrity

With Rio Olympics in mind this, world favourite are bringing the world together and the same is too being felt in the US too. This is the moment the world has been waiting where star athletes compete for a good course.

Rihana and Puma collaboration have made it again. Gigi Hadid was sported in a unique white court sneakers at her best.

Worlds renown celebrity

Surprisingly this week Kris Jenner made a surprise visit to Paris. She was the star guest at her daughter’s Kendall as she attends the Balmain and Dior runway show.

She left Los Angeles in a superb way. With black and white sneakers from the designer Celine Sneakers the same her daughters Kendall and Kylie are wearing at the show.

The other unique celebrity Alessandra Ambrosio wore a pair of Superga’s classic Cotu sneakers. Surprisingly they were all in white.




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