This Socks Brands Are Dangerous To Your Foot Health

Deep down Manhattan New York surprises never end just like Las Vegas west coast lifestyle. Socks provide warmth and comfort and this is what defines the wearer. Men designer socks come in different shapes and they give the impression of class in a man.

Men socks fashion has evolved over time just like popular brands like Coca Cola, Pepsi, amazon, Wall Street, New York stock market, Las Vegas casino’s and many others.

The brand is unique like Beyoncé’s pregnancy that’s has become the town talk. The socks are made from different materials and this is what brings about the difference.

Donald Trump Hair Socks


Sweat itself is odorless by nature. What brings about the smell is the beneficial environmental in the feet that grow and produce the bad smell substances.

Polyester and nylon socks are commonly made from synthetic materials. This makes them to provide less ventilation. They are part of the American question.

Smelling men attire

Polyester and nylon socks fashion wearing increases the amount of perspiration. This is because they do not let the feet breath well as compared to wearing cotton and wool socks.

However polyester and nylon socks are best known in reducing blisters by keeping away perspiration from the foot. So still they have an advantage too.

polyester socks

Foot odor is best reduced by cotton and wool socks material. This is because they have they have natural antibacterial properties that reduces odor.

Men athletic socks and women athletic socks needs to be carefully chosen so as not to injure the athlete at training and in the field. This is what major socks makers have perfected. They include Nike, Adidas, Puma among others.

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Tips for reducing socks smell include wearing one socks per day. This hygiene practice not only helps the wearer but too is an art of civility. This is what that truly defines a man or a woman.

Cool men socks have a favorite tastes and looks. This brings on board the issue of style in socks wearing which today defines the wearer on a daily basis.

The appearance especially of a man in the socks he’s wearing clearly defines sometimes his thinking and how he views issues. This is best described by fashionists’ all over.


You can’t imagine a marriage coming to an end bad odor from male socks. This has been witnessed in many societies. The cause could be a medical case or bad hygiene especially from men.

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