Smelly Feet The Most Uncomfortable Situation That Affects Most People

Smelly Feet.
Having smelly feet creates a disturbing situation to shoe wearer and the surrounding.

To a conscious person this is very disturbing all through.
Such body odor creates an aura of discomfort to the shoe wearer and majority of the victims just but shy away and don’t face their problem.

smelling feet

However the situation can be handled medically.
Smelly feet causes has been construed for the wrong understanding. The same is treatable even smelly feet in children.
Sweat itself is odorless. This is key to note as one starts to handle the situation.
Sweat smell is activated by certain bacteria that create the environment hence the bad smell.
Socks themselves do not cause foot odor.

smelly adults feet

When worn with shoes they trap the sweat and with that reaction foot odor is the outcome.
Socks have direct contact with the feet.

The material making them contributes a lot to the smell outcome.
Polyester and nylon socks materials are both synthetic materials and they both provide less ventilation compared to cotton and wool socks materials.
The later that is polyester and nylon are known to increase the amount of perspiration because they do not let the feet breathe as well as cotton.

smelly adults feet
Retaining high standards of hygiene is the most sure and confirmed preventive care. The same applies to even other body parts.
Removal of dead skin which harbors this smelly shoes and feet is key. A foot file and/or a pumice stone can be used to remove dead skin cells.
Feet hygiene is of paramount importance. Avoid wearing shoes and socks on dirty feet. This increases the risk of smelly feet and the sweat smell.
By all means avoid socks that are 100% polyester. Cotton and/or synthetic blend works well especially to the smelly feet that has gone to the extreme.

adults smelly feet
Why do people smell feet:
The best home remedy is the use of sodium bicarbonate and is the best in preventing foot odor. It’s best known as the least expensive Products for smelly feet.
These bacteria causing smell are present in our skin as part of the human flora. More of the smell is experienced when feet is in a closed shoe.
The resultant is smelly feet and smelly socks. One socks pair per day and clean shoes are powerful remedies for smelly feet causes.

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