Shameful And Stupid Wedding Fights That Yield Zero Results

This world is full of crazy things and wedding fights are no exception. They happen mostly and they have bad results for that marriage.

Weddings have for long brought together warring communities across the world. Most historical fights have been silenced by communities marrying but still such are not the results when people fight in weddings.

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The one thing that clicks on the mind is why do these fights occur and recur. This is a true million ($) dollar question. Or can be compared to Donald Trumps miraculous win.

Wedding fights caught on tape have a clear message to most wedding planners. A number of assumptions run on their minds in trying to unearth the root cause of this problem.

The argument that ghetto wedding fights are common does not hold water today. The situation is universal to all including the elite.

Wedding fights can be as a result of many factors. The fights can resonate from poor wedding planning to a host of reasons thereafter.

Polygamous relationships:

Are men polygamous by nature.  I don’t know the truth in this argument but with time people are understanding the concept all together.

Women wedding confrontation on wedding day or during the planning process is so common. This brings to mind that a big problem is waiting in the marriage life.

Bottom line is that this are true facts and must be faced head on. This is truly evident in the most cultures and cuts across everywhere.

I don’t know whether the blame would go to men or women. Bottom line is that the problem is rife and as they say choices have consequences.


Fight at Wedding reception:

This too has become a common trend especially in modern societies. The trend too cuts across all races and is a mind boggling issue to most wedding planners.

Blacks and whites wedding fights at reception is so common in the US unlike other societies. This mostly is attributable to the historical injustices from both communities.

The same injustices have been rolled down to generations. This results in bride and groom fighting at wedding owing to parental pressures and this is something that is not ending this soon.

The famous Mexican wedding fight that elaborated well in their soap operas are nothing but the truth in the real world. Such lessons are bitter but it’s the truth and nothing but the truth.

Wedding fight in UK and wedding fight in US are so common. The decisions by both bride and groom culminate to this fights and can be avoided all together.

Most of this wedding fights caught on tape have not left celebrities out. There are known cases and all have a common trend.

The affluent societies are rising with this notorious cases of ghetto wedding fight like culture. This culture is not ending this soon and it’s a troubling issue to many.

Our for bearers discouraged divorce and this wedding fights bleeds such separations. In most cultures such confrontations are handled by the elders.

Even in most cultures the wedding fights are discouraged soon after wedding plans starts. This helps in toning down the tensions that may result with the wedding planning.

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