Reasons Why Wedding Events Are A Recipe For Separation

The culmination of a wedding event is as a result of a long and tedious process. This preparation has a number of consequences that sometimes ends up in the marriage separation.

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This situation is not the best of wishes from friends and family members. Their wish is there to have a long lasting relationship of marriage between the couples. This is why weddings should be treated with caution as they are special.

Wedding event preparation will result in future separation if a number of issues are not addressed in time and with the due care they deserve. This challenges result from a number of factors and from different quotas.
Pressure resulting from the bride
This is a very highly possible cause of this kind of a challenge. Brides are known to be so much emotionally connected with the wedding planning process.

In most cases the bills will be expected to be footed by the groom and this is where the recipe for trouble emanates. This is because it may be that the groom may not be able to foot the same or he is in a position to handle it but he does the same without his willingness.

Such pressures are later brought back to the marriage institution and they bring their share of blame and effect. This can be avoided only if continuous consultation between the two that is bride and groom is an ongoing process time to time.

However such consultation must be in line with the budgetary allocation and or the ability of the bride and the groom. The same should be in close contact of the main wedding committee’s recommendation and approval by all concerned.

Pressure from the family members;

This are another lot that if not well checked by the wedding committee have a tendency of exerting pressure with their share of demands. The challenge with such demands is that yes they want some issues met to their satisfaction but their financial and moral inputs is next to zero.

The same pressure in most cases falls back to the groom who in turn meets the said obligations halfhearted. The result weakens the marriage fabric that the wedding committee has tireless worked for.

The groom may want not to go against the wish of the bride’s family demands. This resonates to a recipe for trouble in the future of the marriage and true to it the fabric of the same is weakened and results seen later in marriage life.

Pressure resulting from the groom;

This not much seen as in many customs he is expected to foot a number of bills as compared to the bride. Therefore there could be pressures from the groom but they are not as many as those that might be born from the bride’s side.

Incidentary the groom may pressurize the bride without even him knowing. This is evident as due to budgetary constraints of the wedding preparation, the groom may opt to fore go some expenses and in the wish of the bride she may have liked the same to be included the global figure.

Wedding committee’s pressure;

There may be sometimes that the committee is not considerate to both the bride, groom and the family of both concerned. This has ripple effect as that kind of pressure is not in the best interest of those singularly concerned.

Such undue pressures may result to the fact that both the bride and the groom together with their families may opt to disagree with the committee’s recommendations. The result of this kind of a scenario is a disharmony in the discharge of duties and results in a different outcome not so appealing to the wedding committee.

The importance of counselling;

This is an important area that many fore go and if observed brings with it lots of healing and later saves the marriage. This kind of therapy is known to assist the bride and the groom in making sober and well within their reach decisions.

Recipe for separation

Counseling experts are able to handle the two and above that they fully understand the psychological effects of preparing a wedding event and its challenges. They well understand why wedding events are a recipe for separation. With this in mind their input is at such times welcome and all in all they save the grave situation so known to affect the future of a marriage institution.

Their advice is seen as a solution so desperately needed at a time when it’s well needed to save an already very young institution. With that in mind, the experts handle the counselling to the two early in advance and later the results are felt as the planning of the wedding event is smooth and avoids the recipe for separation.

Prior planning inputs that saves the marriage;

Couples to be have an opportunity to sit and arrange for their wedding without going through the hustles of stressing themselves. This can only be achieved with good planning and this later results in saving a marriage.

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With good planning this achievement is only next to the couples. But they must realize to work within their abilities and reach so as to reduce the unnecessary pressures resulting from poor planning.

Online help is available and there is great resource as experts will always give a fairer advice and most of the sites carrying such information are free. Online help has greatly saved very many marriages and are considered as major source of help to very many couples.

Such help can also be solved by a wedding planner. Most wedding planners will assess the ability of the bride and the groom together with their families and come up with a solution to an impediment that would have ripple effect on the young marriage.

In conclusion, wedding events should not destroy a marriage that so many people desire to be in. The same should not be a recipe for separation and in so doing and good planning such weddings should bring joy not just to the couples but the society at large.

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