Painful Real Harm Of High Heels Shoes Revealed

This is sad news to many women across the globe.  High heels pumps shoes are trending but many beautiful girls and ladies are slowly plunging their health into crisis.

High heels and weight loss
Stylish but uncomfortable is the results in pain on the foot all the way to the back. This is what is the female gender does not want to hear.
Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine or DOs have the hugest task of understanding, managing and educating the female gender on the side effects of high heels.
The slope of the shoe is more important than the heel height doctors advise. This is all important in distributing the weight between the heel and the ball of the foot.

Real harm of high heels

High heels and weight loss;
Experts in the medical field have for long advised women that high heels won’t give them the legs of their dream.
High heels shoes for women won’t and can never make them loose weight. Wearing high heels can, however, help strengthen the muscles of ladies calves. Weight loss sneakers is advised.

High heels problems

Leg weight loss management:
There has been the myth that high heels will make one loose weight. This to the contrary is not the gospel truth.
Cardiovascular is the king and queen of weight loss. Cardiovascular exercises burn more calories as compared to wearing high heels which only tones the leg muscles. Weight loss shoe size brings with it the cure.
Getting rid of excess fat on ones legs can be through a number of ways. This includes jogging, running, cycling or even jumping rope.
Celebrities shoes not left out:
High heels can actually do permanent damage to the ligaments and bones in ones lower half body part. This too has messed even the who is who in our societies.
Sky high heels do more than just age women joints. They increase the risk of ankle sprain, pinched nerves, stressful fractures and many other complications that doctors say are life threatening.

Weight loss goal

Safe shoe heels:
Yes high heels makes a lady look sexy. But research shows that they are life threatening to a generation that cuts across all ages of women.
Experts advise that one is safe with heels fewer than two inches. This has been addressed in many medical and other journals over time.
The wider the surface of the heel, the more support there is for the arch of women’s foot, decreasing the risk for permanent damage.
However in as much as they cause damage to ladies, heels have a better and nicer side. They add to more than just women outfit.

Shoes that kill

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