Aish Blisters With Uncomfortable Shoes

Tight shoes Looking trendy is the expectation of everyone who wishes to get noticed. This is the  aish trend in our modern world today.
Most people today regardless of gender are all working hard on their looks. Shoe sizes and shapes are changing with designer shoes coming up with unique shoe designs.

consequenses of uncomfortable shoes
How to prevent blisters:
They occur as a result of wearing tight fitting shoes. This is real torture and the consequences are dire.
Moleskin are the solution to this problem. They can be purchased from shoe stores.
The moleskin is placed on the sheet behind the offending strap or heel. It’s then cut using a pair of scissors and peeled off the backing. Then the moleskin is stuck onto the strap or heel.

How to prevent blisters
Manufacturers defects:
Most shoe makers especially in third world countries do not give the right information. This is a major contributor to this problem.

Tight shoes problems
Most of the shoes that are indicated that they are leather shoes are actually not pure leather shoes. This misleading information causes innocent shoe wearer to have blisters.
Anti friction stick on the feet:
This prevents friction and blisters and is available in any drugstore. This may not be good for existing blisters instead one is advised to buy blister treatment.
Chafing and bruising with an insole:
This is caused by movement created by inner space and side to side. Resultant to this is blisters along the front and back of your foot.
A gel or padded insole inside the shoe reduces the movement. This reduces the friction and the foot damage is reduced too.

Side effects of uncomfortable shoes

Low heeled shoes:

They are known to prevent blisters as the wearer is in a comfortable position while walking and or standing. Low heeled shoes are mostly recommended by medics for people with back pains especially women who form the majority.

Women shoes blisters

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