Never Known To The World Usher Raymond's Dancing Shoes

He is a true living legend in the music industry. He has not only perfected the art of dancing but also every designer globally wants his or her brands to be associated with Usher Raymond. Welcome to the world of Usher Raymond and his well lived life of a celebrity.

Born on October 14th 1978 in Dallas Texas, he has danced all his life. His breakthrough came about when his mother at the age of 12 took him to a dancing competition before catching the attention of A&R from LaFace Records.

Usher Raymond came to the limelight in 1990 when he released his first album My Way. The album spawned US billboard hot 100. ‘Nice and slow’ and ‘you make me wanna’ being his top two singles in the US.

He has sold over 32 million digital songs in United States and over 23 million albums. This has made him to rank among the US best selling artists.

World class dancer

‘U remind me’ and ‘U got it bad’ are other of his hits that have reached up to position three in US. His music has earned him the coveted Grammy awards leading to him selling over 8 million copies. The Grammy award for the best male R&B Vocal Performance in the year 2002 and the year 2003.

perfect shoes dancing

Usher Raymond & Michael Jackson:

Usher Raymond’s dancing shoes have given him a competitive edge and his dancing style has been used to benchmark many in dancing competitions. This makes him to rank with legendary musicians whom he danced with Michael Jackson.


During Michael Jackson’s memorial he danced to remind the world that MJ may be gone but his memories are here to stay. He later became emotional only to reveal how close he was to Michael Jackson though long gone. He said he had dedicated his life to the worth course of perfecting music and dancing. Today he’s such an inspiration to many young and upcoming dancers and musicians.

Usher's best dancing moves

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