Little Known Secrets Of Michael Jackson's Dancing Shoes

The eighth child in the Jackson’s family, Michael Jackson was born on August 29th 1958. The philanthropist, singer, dancer, actor, record producer and songwriter lived a very rich life till the end of his life on 25th June 2009.

Michael thrilled the world with his unique dancing little perfected by less and was a world loved child all over. Monarcs and world leaders invited him and treated him with equal measure. In the world he remains the most celebrated dancer of all times.

World's best dancer

His 1982 album thriller, beat it and Billie JeansĀ are accredited for breaking racial barriers in the US. This made him among others to be recognized the the worlds top body the United Nations. Later recognizing him for his great efforts.

Nelson Mandela Recognition:

The freedom fighter and the first black South African leader was adored world wide for his forgiveness and transformation of the black people. Having served a jail term of 27 years, and emerged with lots of love for the apartheid government Nelson Mandela emerged as a true icon of hope in any desperation.

True world icons

And on meeting the great African icon, he danced to his unique dancing style to an astounding crowd. Michael remains a great dancer and his dancing shoes were uniquely crafted by top notch designers.

Unique Michael's shoes

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