Any type of alcohol is known to trigger gout otherwise known as arthritis. Gout disease or arthritis disease is a combination of diet and genetics.


Gout disease is a combination of excess uric acid in the blood system. The uric acid in high levels crystallizes and the crystals deposits in tendons, joints and the surrounding body tissues which results in the gout attack.

Lifestyle disease

This disease is generally considered a lifestyle disease and can be managed. It’s all in the choices that an individual makes.


Gout disease occurs as a result of eating a lot of meat and drinking a lot of beer. The disease is as well associated with overweight who combine with the later.


Beer drinking brings friends together but as they say it cannot land on empty stomachs. Most available and easier meal friends will think of is meat.

effects of beer drinking

The health impact of the same done in excess results is catastrophic. The same can be reversed with an individual taking important steps and leading a healthy lifestyle.


With this condition at hand, a number of body changes chip in. Individuals dressing especially on shoes sizes changes. As the swelling is very painful comfortable rubber shoes provide an answer.

lifestyle disease

Due to the gout swelling on the foot an individual must. Suit to comfortable shoes that are not as fitting like they used to wear before the condition change.


The gout attack is treatable with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), steroids, or colchicine improves symptoms.


The best and most recommended solution to arthritis attack is in lifestyle change. Reducing alcohol intake, cutting on red meat intake and off course choosing friendship groups.

Gout affects shoes sizes

Another remedy is taking vitamin C and adapting to a diet low in dairy fat products.


Drinking a lot of clean water regularly is also another remedy to the gout issue. This according to experts helps detoxing with time.


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