Controversial Martha Stewart Wedding Cakes That Have Changed The World

The climax of a wedding event is not just the presentation to the world of the new couple in town. It’s not just about the joy of seeing them as a new family, but it’s about their first meal that they offer to the invited guests at the wedding reception.

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Martha Stewart wedding cakes have since in history been a source of that joyous moment that most invited guests yearn for moments after the whole process of solemnization of the wedding ceremony of the bride and the groom.

The Tradition;
In the western culture where weddings have since in the days of their fore fathers been observed with a lot of emphasis, wedding reception provided the most opportune time for the presentation of the wedding cake. This too came in different forms in reference to different cultures of the world.
Wedding cakes traditionally were served after the solemnization of the wedding event. However the same tradition was very different especially in some parts of Britain.
Here the wedding cake was served a day after the wedding ceremony. This was a day after following the previous ceremony on the morning and it meant to bring blessings to the new couple and even some gifts were presented on the same day the cake was being served.
Meaning of the wedding cake;
Since time in memorial, traditionally wedding cake was meant to be very significant to both the guests and the couple not forgetting their respective families. This also brought the whole meaning of a wedding ceremony and it gave emphasis to the young generation on the importance of a wedding on their lives and those that were to come after them.

The whole meaning of the wedding cake was to bring luck and this was evident in most western cultures. This too spread even to other cultures and it has become a norm in most cultures.
However as times have changed, as brought about by western culture, the issue of wedding cakes has centered the whole meaning of the main issue of having a wedding ceremony. Every invited guest’s wish is taste a piece of the cake in any wedding ceremony.
Controversial and interesting history;
The wedding cakes have come out with their share of controversies and this too has brought about the evolvement of Martha Stewart wedding cakes. The western culture in weddings has had a great impact in most parts of the world.
The known first tradition was in ancient Rome where bread was literally broken on the couple’s heads and it was meant to bring better fortunes in their wedding life. This was known to be the most significant part of a wedding ceremony in those times.
Many cultures have had different ways of celebrating the wedding cakes and in different forms. Bottom line they all meant to bring good luck to the new couple’s.
The same spread from medieval England to France and even to the ancient Greek. Wedding cakes have had great impacts even to the royal families as a way of keeping in line with the traditions and too maintaining the same culture for future generations.

In the traditions, the bride would place the ring inside the portion and this symbolized the formal acceptance of the wedding proposal and preparations of the wedding reception would formally start. This had great meaning and too was protected and has been protected to date.
Wedding Cakes;
The Martha Stewart wedding cakes ideas have seen even the high and might using and following the same ideas. Celebrities like Chelsea Clinton, Britney spears, Celine Dion and many others have been beneficiaries of Martha Stewart ideas.
The ideas too have spread all over the world and the same are being used by many people around the globe. This ideas have had great impacts on the wedding evolution and as well is being felt all around the world.
Wedding cake symbolism;
The great significance of a wedding cake has never been understood fully. This is the main reason that great thinkers like Martha Stewart thought and the great ideas she has brought to the world have helped shape the wedding reception in a more colorful way.
Initially wedding cakes came in different forms like pies or bread. This had a lot meaning and symbolism as associated with the cakes.

The very earliest known cakes were known as a Banbury cakes and were very popular in the sixteenth (16th) century and had great meanings that are even symbolic to date. This culture was even evident with the great Queen Victoria when she married Prince Albert in the Eighteenth (18th) century.
The color white in the wedding cake symbolized the purity and the virginity. The cake too was supposed to be given to the guests by the bride as a symbol of ensuring fertility is spread.
Wedding cakes today come with many layers as opposed to the traditional times. This days the preparation of the cake is a joint venture between the bride and the groom.

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