Challenges Faced By The Wedding Committees In Executing Their Work

The outcome of a wedding ceremony is as a result of the good coordination tasked to a wedding committee. The coordination, easy working and free delegation of duties from the onset of the exercise to the very culmination of the big day helps the team to come up with a very successful and memorable occasion worth commendation.

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Weddings are awesome events worth great consideration of a well-coordinated team whose input is of a great concern. Such teams requires great commitment in its assembly and execution.

A successful wedding committee will have to commit and by most chances the members of this great team have very close connection with the bride and the groom and with their families. Sometimes also the connection can be related to long term friendship by association or by being brought up together.

The making of a committee therefore requires that both bride and groom agree to the persons and order of meetings to be headed by the committee chairman assisted by the vice chairman, secretary, treasurer and other small subcommittees tasked with various duties and responsibilities all in ensuring the success of the wedding as the final product.

Therefore such execution as this are non-monetary assignments, requires full commitment of the greater team. This will result in a colorful and successful event in the end.

The following are the duties and responsibilities of the various appointees in the management and coordination of a wedding. The tasks could be more than the to be highlighted ones as issues crop up day by day as the big event is being worked for by the able team.

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Role of the Chairman;

He or She is considered as the head the wedding committee team. He has bigger and tougher roles as all coordination’s of the both families with the committee are in his hands.

He is seen as the pivotal point in the running and management of the whole process. He delegates duties to other committee members, he as well is expected to be manning most sub-committees work and ensuring that the same is communicated to the bride, groom and respective families accordingly.

This task is not an easy one. The management of people who sometimes don’t meet the deadlines is not an easy task. This position is one of a very understanding person as one has to humble to all people and the various committees tasked with all the various committees.

The chairman is at the gate of criticism and is a congratulated fellow in the wake of a successful array of a well-coordinated wedding ceremony. The chairman will from time to time be the link to various individuals and teams in delegating duties and responsibilities and he or she will assign such roles in his wisdom to ensure the success of the whole process.

This is the making of a successful team. The chairman may find it very hard if he is not given the necessary cooperation by all teams involved. This may delay execution of what the wedding committee may have planned and the chairman becomes a very frustrated person.

The chairman may as well find resistance from different quotas especially considering the views of both families may not be in agreement. In such situations the chairs decision may not favor all but is assumed as the committee’s decision and both families may have to conform to his decision.

The chairman in his absence is always assisted by the vice chairman. The vice chairman acts and delegates duties and responsibilities just like the chairman.

When both are present in duty management, the vice chairman is tasked with the running of the small sub-committees that have been formed. The vice chairman is the other eye of the overall chairman.

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Role of the Secretary;

The secretary in a wedding committee takes stock of all the happenings and documents the same for anytime reference. He or she is the custodian of all that is being planned for and ensures that the chairman is reminded of the happenings ahead.

The secretary will record and document from day one to the very last day of wedding. This records are important as he or she is tasked to remind the team of its roles and responsibilities from time to time.

The great challenge that the secretary faces in the process of wedding planning is the fact that sometimes there will be resistance from the both families and this delays action in delivery. Here the intervention of the chairman is paramount.

Such challenges breeds other ideas and as a result this may ease or may delay execution of various tasks that the secretary may have. The secretary is at the center of the committee and he or she minutes everything that’s happening.

He or she reads the minutes at the start of every meeting and seeks to be seconded to confirm the truthfulness of his minutes. He or she is mostly the time keeper and reminds committee members by mail or short messages.

The use of online platform in informing and updating committee members makes the secretary’s job much easier and cheap to communicate any happening to the team.

Role of the treasurer;

He is the custodian of the revenue collected and pledged. He reminds those who pledge to honor their pledges and as well accounts for all the expenditures incurred.

With the instruction of the chairman, he executes various tasks including the organization of meeting venues and accounting for all expenditures that’s related to the management and planning of the wedding. He or she is the money person.

The great challenge faced by the treasurer is the resistance he or she may face from committee members and the other family members who may not agree with his or her decision. In such situations the intervention of the chairman is always sort and a consensus is always reached upon.


Role of the sub-committee;

This small teams are arrived at and their decision to be formed is at the prerogative of the wedding chairman committee. This teams assist the main committee in managing tasks that may not necessarily be handled by the main committee.

These are the main challenges faced by the wedding committees in coming up with a successful wedding event. With good coordination, a successful wedding is as a result of a well-coordinated team.


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